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FMCG Domain – Mid-sized Wheat Manufacturer

Taste for Life Foods is an FMCG company that deals in production and direct marketing of flours -- wheat and other varieties.

Mahalaxmi grain processing company is over a decade old and is involved in the business of production of wheat flour and other variants like soyabean enriched wheat flour, fenugreek (methi) enriched wheat flour and others. The sales of the firm are conducted under the brand ‘Taste for Life Foods’. With its presence in Mumbai and Pune, delivery of atta is available across 45 franchises. The company is also looking at expanding its business internationally.

Like any other FMCG company, Taste for Life Foods wanted to grow, locally and internationally. Their biggest hurdle was the ‘order taking process’ which was available only for a certain number of hours in a day. Once the order came in, they were unable to flawlessly deliver due to multiple channels involved in the process, since they had very less clarity of what has reached where and when.

The team at PM AM CRM understood their business challenges and provided them a system that works equally well for their customers and employees, without having to recruit any additional manpower.

PM AM CRM solved these primary problems of Taste for Life Foods:

  • PM AM developed Web, IVR, and mobile app platforms that now allow customers of Taste for Life Foods to order at any hour of the day, any day of the week.
  • Upon order, information in the form of a message to the customer and employees/partners of Taste for Life Foods is now automated in the system of PM AM CRM. Retention and reorders are completely taken care of by the same automated message service.
  • Enhanced last mile delivery: PM AM CRM features provide information of each order under process. Every order can now be tracked, right from order to delivery.
  • PM AM CRM built mobile apps for partners of Taste for Life Foods to smoothen the delivery process.
  • Flexibility to order at any hour and the convenience to do it with any of the three platforms -- Web, Mobile App, and IVR has boosted sales.
  • With no extra manpower required, recurring expenses are fixed and will not grow with the sales of the company. This has aided better forecasting and planning.
  • Tie-ups with franchises are also easier to tackle with a simple mobile app installed in mobile phones.
Benefits and Advantages
With the help of PM AM CRM, Taste for Life Foods now accepts orders round the clock. Customers like working women are happy because they can now place their order at any time with a few clicks. Managers are now well aware of the status of every single order and its current location, thanks to the reporting feature in PMAMCRM. Not just employees and customers, even channel partners/franchises are at ease with PM AM CRM in place, as they can now update status or place orders without having to reach out to a customer representative with the mobile app, at anytime.

With a stable working process in place, the company has already begun work on its international presence.

Features and Benefits