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Sales Management

You want your sales teams to concentrate on sales, revenue, right deals and they should spend less time on administrative tasks. To be able to sell more, they need faster access to accurate customer data, information about customer needs and customer history.

PM AM CRM empowers your sales teams to produce more revenue by aptly targeting new as well as existing customers at the right time with right solution with complete information about the customers at their fingertips.

With PM AM CRM, you get:

Appointment Management
Schedule, review and manage appointments effectively.

Timely reminders and notifications ensure that you never have to worry about missing any appointment.

Lead Management
Create and maintain comprehensive record and information about each lead.

Use PM AM CRM Import Wizard to import contacts from various sources into the CRM system with one click.

Route and assign leads to appropriate sales team or person.

Group common leads into lists. For example: Group leads from a single source like trade fair, conference, exhibition or webinar into a single basket and design more targeted communication and strategy for such leads.

Conversations and Interactions Management
Maintain a detailed record and notes of all the interactions with various contacts and stakeholders within an organization. Easily look up prior communication for a more focused discussion and follow up activity.

Accurately track contact hierarchy within an organization. Focus your communication as per the role each contact plays in decision making so that you can address the right needs of the right contact.

Opportunity Management
Create and manage opportunities by linking them to specific leads and accounts.

Automatically generate and preview quotes or proposals within CRM and send those via email.

Quickly raise sales orders based on automatic calculations and approved proposals.

Activity Management
Share information about an activity (related to contacts, leads, accounts, products or cases) with team members across departments.

Collaborate and work together towards activity completion.

Automatic notifications and reminders ensure that nobody misses on the activity.

Handy Toolkit
Empower your sales, marketing and customer support teams with access to frequently required information in the form of competition analysis, answers to frequently asked questions, product related documents and objection handling tips etc.

Empower your sales

Marketing Automation

"Audiences everywhere are tough. They don't have time to be bored or brow beaten by orthodox, old fashioned advertising"

Craig Davis

PM AM CRM lets you manage and track your various marketing elements effectively. This will help you make informed decision about choosing right marketing medium at right time.

With PM AM CRM, you can:

Email Campaign Design and Management
Effectively manage email campaigns with targeted messaging, right time scheduling and tracking.

Leverage more than 200 professional looking pre-defined templates and design your email campaign in matter of minutes.

Email List Management
Segregate and manage mailing lists based on source (trade fair, conference, online campaigns etc.), objectives (introduction, announcement, launch of new product etc.) or level of involvement (leads, contacts or potentials). Be in touch with contacts at regular intervals and at right time.

Surveys Management
Effortlessly create and distribute surveys and feedback forms. Gain insights into customer loyalty, service quality and product satisfaction.

Customer Service

PM AM CRM helps maintain consolidated and easily accessible information about customer interactions across departments. With such information at their fingertips, your customer service teams deliver consistent and optimized customer service experience. This helps you enhance customer loyalty and business profitability with optimal business and contract management.

With PM AM CRM, you get:

Case Management
Track, manage and quickly take care of customer issues. Centrally capture all customer support requests and assign cases to appropriate agents at your end.

Prioritize and respond to cases as per the set Service Level Agreement (SLA). Easily allow escalation of cases as required to ensure faster resolution.

Monitor and track progress of all agents. Take corrective actions as required to ensure smooth customer experience.

Facilitate customers to search tickets, track progress, look out for solutions to other issues through a central repository of cases and also report satisfaction once the case is closed.

Collaboration and Customer Engagement
Collaborate with customers at regular intervals. Facilitate interactions and resolve issues before they arise.

Maintain ongoing involvement with customers by understanding and adapting their behaviour, requirements and context and interact with them via their preferred ways.

Knowledge Management
Quickly create video-enabled training modules for frequently asked questions or issues faced by your product users and circulate the same to ensure that the issues do not hamper their productivity. The audio visual training ensures that your team and the clients understand your product well.

Make the already resolved cases available to your sales, marketing, customer support teams, dealers and distributors, floor staff and also to your customers and give them ready access to the knowledgebase.

Educate your field sales teams and floor executives by easily sharing learning modules, product information, documentation and videos with them.

Enhance customer experience through transparent communication.

Ensure high customer satisfaction through quick issue resolution by automatic escalations of cases, notifications and alerts.

Dashboard and Reports

Reporting as you want it
Access a wide array of pre-build reports designed by our experts.

Create unlimited custom reports to meet the needs of your organization.

Get more clarity on expected revenue with 30 day, 60 day, 90 day forecast reports, which include pipeline, expected closures and committed orders.

Report Drill Down
Easily drill down on all reports to analyze underlying data and make decisions.

Visualize trends and patterns across all departments like sales, marketing and customer service.

Get a clear picture of sales pipeline with graphical charts, representations and diagrams.

Easy Download and Access
Export sales reports in Excel or PDF formats for offline viewing.

Schedule automatic report generation.

Create reports in print-friendly format.

Social CRM

  • Capture and analyze Social Media sentiments of your leads and customers. Bring insights and intelligence of social media sites to your sales, marketing and customer service process.

  • Listen to conversations and analyze those. Act on those to ensure highest customer satisfaction.

  • Put customer at core. Increase customers' loyalty by engaging them in transparent dialogue.

Mobile Apps

  • Access all your customer information on the go through PM AM CRM Mobile Apps.

  • Win more deals with prompt responses to hot leads - even when you are on the move.

  • Improve customer face time by reducing the time you spend in office for back office administration.

  • Put real time updates from the field and improve transparency â€" get better visibility in sales forecasting.

  • With GPS tracking, get detailed information about activities of sales, marketing and service users who, most of the time, work on the field as part of their tasks.

Sales Operations Management

Facilitate attainment of sales goals through effective, transparent and efficient planning, training, analysis and staffing.

With PM AM CRM, you can:

Territory Assignment
Channelize follow-ups, lead generation and sales activities by assigning territories to specific sales teams. Cover a wider geography while ensuring that there is no repeat tapping of leads by multiple team members in your organization.

Pipeline Status Tracking
Access up-to-date reports and get overall picture of the sales cycle, communication with various leads and discussion progress with particular accounts. This can help you predict the revenues more accurately

Get in-depth detailed information about previous sales, product demand and revenues to accurately forecast sales revenues.

Performance Ratio Monitoring (Quota vs. Actual)
Set targets and review the performance of sales teams and members over a period by analyzing actual sales vis-a-vis quotas and targets assigned. Improve revenue predictability and forecasting with such real-time and accurate information.
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