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Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me this morning via GoToMeeting.
Although the PMAM CRM software is very intuitive, the time we spent together this morning really helped me to get a jump on the power the system offers. I am excited to be making use of the tool and I already can see the organizational and efficiency benefits that will result. Once again, thank you for your accessibility, professionalism...and all the knowledge transfer you facilitated in our meeting today.

Innovalactions-Managing Partner
Tom Cartwright

Lindahl & Associates

"PMAM CRM has been an essential element in making the Gottesman Company competitive in the 21st Century Mergers and Acquisitions market. The software is enabling our transition from a 10 year old Access database and spreadsheets with no corporate memory of past customer contacts into a modern customer focused enterprise. The support we have received during the transition has been exceptional with explanations about the software, training whenever we have needed it, and solutions to specific database questions and needs. We appreciate everything PMAM has done for us and look forward to working with you as we move forward and expand our use of the PMAM CRM software."

Lindahl & Associates

Urja Techniques

"We appreciate the service we receive from PMAM CRM. We are Power & Distribution Transformer manufacturing organization. We are also in exports and our list of contacts has grown over the years. We've got a few key people who are responsible for working with our contacts -Key Accounts, and we've always been working from ever growing Excel sheets.

For obvious reasons, there is growth in the number of contacts and other data, making it very difficult every year for us, merging different spreadsheets.

Your free incredible service saves immeasurable amount of our time. Hope your free service remains that way....... Thanks so much CRM!!"

CFO & Director

Valueplus Investment Advisors

"With PMAM CRM, we now have complete visibility of our clients and client interactions. We also have an easy way to collect/do market survey reports/campaigns by PMAM CRM's integrated Survey & campaign features. PMAM CRM lets us disperse those leads to our team and we've set up some automated processes and tasks to make sure that we give our customers the best possible service and support."

IT Manager

SolSource Property Services

We are a rapidly expanding commercial janitorial, and property services, company, with national expansion in mind. After many years' experience operating with the traditional janitorial business model, we were no longer satisfied with that outdated approach, where internal costs make it difficult to provide our customers with excellence in their cleaning. With that in mind, we designed a new business model to fit the current business atmosphere, see (

One of the most important hurdles for us to overcome was to establish a seamless system for managing, and communicating, our work flow from prospecting, to the sale and then into continuing operations; and, importantly to do it in an extremely cost efficient fashion. With our new business model, which allows most of our group to work from their homes, it also needed to be powerful, "cloud based", and to be hosted on a very dependable server system.

After much searching, and many trials, we found PMAM CRM, which is a tremendously powerful, and customizable system. Admittedly, we had a bit of a learning curve to get it set-up the way we wanted, but we received excellent assistance, and sensible suggestions, from the entire PMAM CRM team, plus it's FREE; now that fits our new business model perfectly!

Without hesitation I can recommend PMAM CRM, and I offer nothing but the highest praise for the PMAM CRM team. I look forward to a long relationship, as we continue to grow."
SolSource Property Services

Insure Guru Solutions

Insure Guru Solutions "The interface is very intuitive, I barely had to use the help feature to get it up and running. Their Google Web search app is great as I have all the info I need, is in one screen. I also like the report customization capability. Overall, it is clear PMAM had all businesses in mind when designing this application, as it fits into a single business owner, SMEs or large organizations. The automation of my sales process using this tool has significantly improved the efficiency of my pipeline & sales process management."
Insure Guru Solutions
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